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Toyota FT-1 would be the next generation Toyota Supra ?. Toyota FT - 1 is a future concept of Toyota, where the extension of the FT (Future Toyota). Future Toyota uses the numbers 1 (Represents the ultimate) if "1" is a series of future cars represents the first from Toyota. Making clear, the Toyota FT - 1 directly supervised by the President and Representative Toyota "Akio Toyoda", Toyota FT - 1 was designed at Toyota's Calty Design Research studio in California. Toyota FT - 1 first appeared at the auto show 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan, USA, in January.

Toyota FT-1

Toyota+FT-1Fans of the game especially "Gran Turismo 6" must have known a long time about the FT-1 on the game Gran Turismo 6. After a long wait, finally in 2014 the Toyota FT-1 presented original form at the NAIAS. According to the Calty Design Research (designer of the Toyota FT-1), the Toyota FT-1 Concept "is the latest expression of the design of the Toyota coupe like the Toyota Supra, 2000GT, Celica, MR2 and Scion FR-S".


Engine on the Toyota FT-1 is located on the front hood of the car, under the hood of transparent glass, so that the engine can be seen from the front. For driving force use the rear wheels, while the cockpit is behind that, a heavy vehicle with a good split.


Rumors are saying that the Toyota FT-1 will be the next generation of the Toyota Supra, out of nowhere these rumors, As reported by worldcarfans "that the concept car Toyota F-1 is an overview of the next generation Toyota Supra, if Toyota is currently preparing for the Toyota Supra, which will be powered by a hybrid, which is a V6 2,500 cc turbo with an electric engine. This combination can generate power of 402 bhp"


But unfortunately until now the Toyota has not revealed its mechanical specification, the Toyota FT-1 will produce more than 400 HP (a speculation and expectations), given the desire of Toyota to make and create a sports car that was taken from the famous virtual game Gran Turismo 6. Some sources say that Toyota F-1 will be the replacement of the Toyota Supra sports car. The Toyota Supra is no longer manufactured, but there are still many fans waiting for the presence of class Toyota Supra car, whether it is to be realized, wait for the presence of Toyota F-1, is just a concept or will mass produced.
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