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Ferrari 458 Speciale is a special exotic supercar with sophisticated technology that makes it Ferrari 458 Speciale more unique. For lovers of the sensation of driving a sports car with a challenging, perhaps the new 458 Speciale is the right choice. Ferrari 458 Speciale is a special series of the Maranello marque. It is a concept sports car which is completely new and the first in the world, and deserves to be called the Speciale.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Development in the field of aerodynamics (sophisticated active aerodynamics, which became a standard feature for all Ferrari cars in the future), powertrain, and dynamics in driving the Ferrari 458 Speciale deserve praise. Ferrari has earned numerous awards, such as the "Best Performance Engine" for two consecutive years. Ferrari 458 Speciale has got the title of "Supercar of the Year 2013" by the Middle Eastern magazine.

In developing aerodynamics, Ferrari partnered with Pininfarina, aerodynamics produced on the Ferrari 458 Speciale quite efficient, and the most efficient in the history of Ferrari. The most prominent feature in this case is moving aerodynamics at the front and rear cut balances the drag and downforce. Braking technology system on the 458 Speciale adopted from the formula one braking system.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari developing V8 engine type naturally aspirated (non-turbo and supercharger) that can produce up to 605 HP is a performance and includes one of the largest energy transportation using naturally aspirated engine.

Ferrari 458 Speciale can reach the speed of 0-100 km / h in just 3 seconds, and 0-200 km / h is achieved in 9.1 seconds. Maximum speed Ferrari 458 Speciale is 325 km / h, Maximum speed Ferrari 458 Speciale nearly equal to the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is using the V8 engine (600 hp) with 325.5 km / h were ever tested in "Nardo circuit", but the Ferrari 458 speciale has the fastest response time with 0.060 seconds, with the highest lateral acceleration to 1.33 g, and is the best performance ever achieved by the car manufacturer Ferrari. Ferrari 458 Speciale priceat £ 180,000 / $ 300,000.
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