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Peugeot introduced a new Gearbox, named ETG (Efficient Tronic Gearbox) which is the latest evolution of Gearbox. Gearbox has the advantage of Rampage useful function as a support system for the transmission on the car. When taking the first and reverse gears without pressing the gas pedal. ETG functions facilitate the maneuver. New technology "Efficient Tronic gearbox" is useful to obtain the minimum consumption but can achieve maximum performance as the manual gearbox (CMP).

Commonly used gearbox is manual gearbox (CMP). Efficient Tronic gearbox is available in a 6 speed. ETG provide comfort and dynamic performance, especially for optimizing the efficiency of tooth movement. By ETG allow riders to start with a smooth and seamless thus increasing driving enjoyment in the modulation scheme changes clearer.
ETG new gearbox provides techniques and greater benefits than when piloted Box Manual (CMP). New gearbox (ETG) used in various Peugeot models such as the Peugeot 208, urban crossover, sedan 508.
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