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2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept with 169.3 inches long, has a size shorter than the CR - V. Price Honda Urban SUV priced below the price of the Honda CR - V. This vehicle will be the latest part of the Global 'Compact Series'. Honda Urban SUV debuted in 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Honda Urban SUV looks like a Acura Juke-ified.

Honda Urban SUV Concept uses gasoline, hybrid, and diesel engines. This concept would be to use 'Earth Dreams technology' that Honda Urban SUV fuel-efficient. Expect this concept a small-displacement four-cylinder engine. The vehicle is scheduled to make her debut in Japan end of this year. has the ideal size in a crowded street.

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Growth and expansion of small vehicles led to a doubling of global vehicle production Global Compact series of more than 1.5 million units at the end of 2016, and will continue to evolve as a world leader in small vehicles.

This Urban SUV concept has a platform that is used in the Honda Jazz, as the basic structural elements, architecture, location of the fuel tank in the middle of the body and various other elements. With large interior and seats that can be folded, thus providing ample scope.

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